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There are a ton of great resources out there!


+  | They have this helpful two page guide that will provide nearly all the help your family needs!  They even walk you through an interactive exercise with your child. Check it out here.
+ | Great answers to the most common questions, as well as a breakdown of information by age of your child.  Download their free agreement.
+ | Deborah Gilboa, MD (popularly known as Dr. G), is a go-to expert on raising and educating respectful, responsible, resilient young people. Checkout her great advice on technology balance on this video.
+ | Teaching students how to how to shine online. They provide advice from teens, for teens with some of their articles and videos like this one: Learn Teen Snapchat Tips from 4 High School Students


+ Kids, Screens and Play: Solutions to a Common Problem by Kenneth Barish Ph.D.
+ Five tips to balance technology use in your family by Susan Sirota, M.D.
+ Why Parents Should Ban Smartphones From Their Kids’ Bedrooms by Carolyn Gregoire
+ The Science Behind Your Social Media Addiction by Charlotte Hilton Andersen
+ Social Media Addiction: Statistics & Trends by Shea Bennett
+ 9 Important Technology Rules for Children by Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D.
+ I Forced ‘Bored Time’ On My Kids  by Sarah Cottrell

Clinical Reports

+ The Impact of Social Media on Children, Adolescents, and Families
+ Understanding Teen Internet Addiction


+ These Little Waves | Galit is a great friend and accomplished writer, sharing her experience raising kids in this digital world. Her first book, Kindness Wins, is a simple, no-nonsense guide to teaching our kids how to be kind online.

+ Hands Free Mama | Rachel is a Mom starting a revolution of paying attention to what matters – our families! She is a New York Times best-selling author of “Hands Free Mama” and followed it up with “Hands Free Life.” 

+ BonBon Break | BonBon Break, an online magazine for modern moms, cuts through the internet chaos to bring you advice and inspiration. Check out this post on how to create an honest conversation about screen time.

+ Scary Mommy | A vibrant community of parents, brought together by a common theme: Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect.


+ Power of Moms | Saren & April have put together a powerful website at and podcast, covering all aspects of motherhood. I liked their episode on Technology: What are the rules?