Andrea’s Book

Seven-and-a-half-year-old Zoey has a big problem.

Her family is more interested in playing with their electronics than they are in playing basketball with her! How can Zoey’s family find ways to enjoy their electronics and still find time to play together outside?

Praise for “A Digital Daze”

Weapons of Mass Distraction – they are everywhere! This book is sure to IGNITE a meaningful conversation within families on how we can make changes. Kids will laugh & relate while parents will love the message – grab your copy now!

~John Lee Duman, founder & host of EOFire

As a mom and a business owner, I can totally relate to this book. I think it should be at the top of the priority reading list for families today. It brings home a great lesson in a gentle and positive way. The best part is the solution at the end that is easy for any family to implement. Here’s to more family time. Nice job, Andrea!

~Sarah Stokes, Mom of two preschoolers, owner of Queen of the Castle Magazine
and Stokes+HERZOG Public Relations

This book drives home the reality of living in a home full of technology. It’s all too easy for parents and children alike to get caught up in everything that can be accessed through a variety of devices. The message of a lonely child simply cannot be ignored-family time must be prioritized and the message of this book suggests just that!

~Melissa Seehaver, Mom of two, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher



When you purchase this book – you are helping schools across the country! I am so excited to help at least one classroom in all 50 states by donating 10% of all profits from the book back to classrooms in need. I will be partnering up with classrooms looking to add technology resources for their students. I believe we need to teach proper technology use at school, so that our kids can use it to do amazing things in this world. You can help by purchasing my book!