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Are you feeling lost in raising kids in a digital world? (Me too!)

I’m Andrea and it is my passion to help today’s families tackle the real issues in raising kids in our techno-saturated daily lives.  After talking to hundreds of middle schoolers about staying safe and kind online through my social media managment compay for schools #SocialSchool4EDU, I realized that many of these students could have used the talk much earlier.  When I looked for a children’s book addressing this topic – I couldn’t find one.  Not one!

My book series tracking The VonAwesome Family is my attempt to get the conversation started within our families.  Not only will the themes covered start a conversation with your kids, they will lead parents to do some self-reflecting as well.

I’m not a perfect parent – not even close!  I need the advice in this book just as much as every other family out there.

Create Your Family Contract

Want to create an agreement like the VonAwesome’s? Click on the image to download a printable form!

Technology Family Contract


News Video: Digital Daze School Visit

In this news video, author Andrea Gribble encourages parents and kids to think outside of the iPad and set technology boundaries at one of her visits to a school.

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Let's Talk about Social Media at Your School!


I'd love to visit with your students and community members to share one of my popular seminars.

Grab a printable flier here to take to your administrator or PTO group.

Digital Daze - Kindergarten - 3rd Grade
Talk includes Book Reading, Healthy Technology Use, and Q & A on the process of writing  book

Creating Your Digital Tattoo - 4th - 8th Grade
Talk include Digital Citizenship, Cyberbullying, and Making Kindness Go Viral with a chance to win $50!

Social Media 101: Keeping Kids Safe & Kind Online - Parents, Grandparents & Community Members
Topics include Social Media Overview, Setting Boundaries, and Resource Sharing

Social Media in Schools: Telling Your Story! - K-12 Staff & School Board Members
Topics include success from other schools, guidelines, time-saving tricks and more

Contact me for pricing and to get your date scheduled!


Andrea GribbleAndrea Gribble is the founder of #SocialSchool4EDU, a company dedicated to helping schools celebrate their students in a safe and positive way with social media. After a surprise layoff with her corporate employer of more than 13 years, she chose to see the circumstances as a blessing and started her own company rooted in her desire to help and serve others. Andrea is a consultant, speaker and trainer for K-12 schools across the nation. She also applies her passion for helping children use technology in a positive way as the author of a series of children's books which tackle today's media challenges in the home.

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